Using SEO to Your Advantage Moving Into 2019

Today we will talk about the fundamentals of SEO and how you can make some changes moving into the year 2019. With the new year fast approaching it is a good idea to get to work right now.

9 important SEO tips for 2019

It’s a common fact that the more traffic we receive from the search engine, the more revenue we will make. With this in mind, it’s clear that we should be optimizing our monetized platforms before the new year is upon us. By doing this, we can get a decent advantage over our competitors moving forward.

Check your links

The first thing you should do is to check all links to ensure that they still work. You may even want to replace them if you have a different link in mind that may be more useful for the user. This is a highly effective way to keep your content at a level of the highest quality. Even adding some new links to quality websites can help you to rank higher.

Keep your old contents updated with new facts and information

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Next comes the information you have used to create all of your content that you have published. It’s a good idea to go back and make sure that this information is up to date and accurate. If there have been new developments on the topic of your content, you may want to add to it or make any necessary alterations. If more studies have led to the information you do not have on these topics adding this information is a great way to supercharge your content.

Make sure your media files have alternate texts

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Once you have completed above listed essential tasks, it is time to check the media having been used in your content. This refers to all images, videos, and sound files you use to build your content. If you don’t already have alternative text in place, you should add this. This is a place for you to write a brief description that helps the user better understand what the media is about. If any part of your media seems like it could be replaced with a higher quality option this is a good thing to go ahead and do. You should also try to set links to your other content and others within the pictures. Just make sure that the links are directly related to the media being utilized.

Repurpose your content

Another beneficial thing you can do with your existing content is to repurpose any and all that you can. This means if you have an article on a particular subject you can take this article and create a video or other kind of content out of the existing content. This makes one piece of content more engaging for a larger number of people. This is due to the fact that some people like different types of content than others. Some people like to read their facts and look at less media as opposed to others who prefer to watch videos and look at images. No matter what the preference is having multiple forms of the topic your content is centered around will help you to get the most engagement that you can.

Make sure your website’s design is 100% mobile responsive

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The last thing we will talk about for optimizing your existing work is to visit the pages and see how they load and appear to those on a mobile device. Users find more use in a page that loads quickly and is easy to access on a mobile device. The more substantial part of the users of the internet at any giving time is usually on some type of device other than a computer. Once you have looked these things over and made adjustments where needed you are prepared to start optimizing your new content.

Add new contents wisely

When you turn your mind to creating fresh content for your website it is very important to carefully select the keywords for each article of content you release. You generally want to choose keywords with high search volumes and little competition to ensure that you are getting the most traffic you can. When a keyword or set of keywords has a high search volume, it means more people are searching this word within the search engine. Competition simply means the other pages and alternative options the user has when utilizing that same keyword.

Always keep your eyes on analytics

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Next, you will want to go back to your analytics to see which posts and content you have created in the past have turned out to be the most successful. Once you have these figures, you will want to make more content that follows in the path of your best work. The format and other style components used are a good trend to take for your new work. This gives you a basic understanding of what your audience is engaging with the most and can help you to ensure an increase in the future.

Social media is of utmost importance

The next thing we will mention is social media. If you are already posting regularly and sharing your content, that is great, and you should definitely keep this up. You should also be sure to keep active with your accounts and post to them regularly. Also, you may want to try advertising through your platform of choice. This way of paying for views can lead to more revenue for you. We only advise doing something like this once you have cultivated an audience.

Allow your readers to express themselves on your site

New content can be a lot of work to release from time to time. So occasionally, you can ask for others to contribute guest posts for you. This is a wonderful way to get even more people engaged. This helps because the person writing the guest post can share it with their audience as well, which can bring back more individuals to your original work. It also aids by changing up the way your content is created, and it may turn out a guest post ends up being your most viewed piece of content.


The last point that we will touch on in this article, in closing, is that we only suggest using White Hat SEO techniques. White Hat SEO methods are those methods deemed ethical by the search engine, and they carry little to no risk of penalization. There are some techniques that carry a high risk of penalization as well as provide the user with a poor experience. These are referred to as Black Hat SEO techniques. These can lead to losing your website and other penalties that are better left avoided. This is why we never suggest using them. We hope you enjoyed this article and that it can help you supercharge your content creation for the year 2019.


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