A Complete Review Of The Soledad WordPress Theme

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The Soledad WordPress theme was initially released in September of 2015 by PenciDesign and has continued to climb in popularity ever since. At launch, it was intended primarily as a template for creating unique blog and magazine websites. Some of the recent updates have expanded that functionality dramatically. It can now be used to develop websites of any type quickly and within any niche. It’s even becoming a favourite tool for creating e-commerce sites.

Soledad WordPress Theme

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Theme developers deserve credit for all of the hard work that they do. But the reality is that there are hundreds of themes that can be used to throw together a website quickly. The difference with Soledad is that it offers so much regarding flexibility and customization. No two sites need to look alike or function the same.

The websites created using this WP design tool don’t look or feel like WordPress sites. They look like modern, fully-functional websites designed by professionals. This is all thanks to the impressive number of features, functions, options, tools, fonts, and other aspects loaded into the package. And its somehow sold at a very affordable price and received regular updates.

If you plan to build a website using WordPress and you don’t want to hire a professional developer, then this template comes highly recommended. Let’s take a closer look at some of the individual aspects that make this one of the best themes of its kind.

Impressive Functionality

It’s not easy to create a program that is easy-to-use but also offers advanced functionality. But that’s exactly the combination you need if you want to create an award-winning WP designer. That’s also precisely what you get with Soledad. On the surface, creating a fresh website is a fast, streamlined process that requires very little input. But you can dig as deep as you like and customize as much as you wish.

The Theme Customizer toolset is an excellent example of this. After you’ve created a basic page, you can begin taking advantage of the various options included in the customizer. There are a total of 34 tabs, and each tab is loaded with different options. These include social media option, footer options, colour options, and so much more. When you make a change, you can see the difference it makes in real time on the live page view.

It also includes a plugin known as the Visual Composer page builder. You may already be familiar with this plugin already because it’s one of the leading customization tools around. The Visual Composer makes it easy to quickly create pages by including a total of 72 elements that can be edited and inserted. It breaks the page down into a set of rows and columns with plenty of customization options. As the name implies, it makes creating web pages a very visual process that is easy to understand.

Plugin Compatibility

The Visual Composer isn’t the only included plugin that adds functionality to Soledad. PenciDesign has included an additional eight plugins for free with your purchase. These include the Demo Importer, Portfolio, and Penci Recipe plugins. You should take advantage of these free plugins to create a website that functions exactly as you need it.

In 2015, Soledad was targeted entirely at developers who wanted to create blog or magazine websites. This lets a lot of people in the dark. A lot has changed in the last few years. For example, the template now completely supports WooCommerce. That means you can use it to create visually impressive e-commerce stores without having any prior experience.

If you’re an advanced developer, then you probably have a list of your favourite plugins that you use with most sites. PenciDesign made sure that Soledad was capable of supporting all of the most essential plugins on the market today. That includes WooCommerce, BuddyPress, WPML, and bbPress.

Support And Documentation

The theme is also heavily documented and offers excellent customer support. If you want to connect with a specific plugin or need help understanding certain features, all that you need to do is read the documents or contact support. They have employed an amiable and helpful support team that often responds very quickly.

You can also question their sales team or support staff before making a purchase. It’s a great way to find out if the product has a particular feature that you need. Once again, they respond very quickly and helpfully. You can reach their support team through their dedicated support portal.

Helps With SEO

Whether you’re building a blog, a magazine, or an e-commerce store; you want your website to be SEO friendly. Search engine traffic is what drives the success of most modern websites. Unfortunately, a lot of themes available today use outdated coding methods that actually hurt the site’s ranking potential. The marketing experts at PenciDesign made sure that’s not the case with Soledad.

This WP designer is built using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. The theme is also completely compatible with the well-known Yoast SEO plugin. The code itself happens to be an essential SEO factor as well. The use of well-written code that meets the high standards of Google ensures the site won’t be penalized. It also means the site loads quickly, and visitors are happy.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to find a WP template that stands out from the hundreds of other similar templates. Soledad has managed to create a name for itself by offering features and functions that you won’t find with any different theme. It comes loaded with helpful plugins, it’s straightforward to use, it provides advanced functionality for those who want it, and you’ll have access to an extremely helpful support team.

Soledad should definitely be in your toolbox if you plan to create a WordPress website in the future. No other template can be used to create fully functional, professional-looking pages in such a short period. It’s very likely that the theme will continue to be updated in the future, adding new features, functions, and plugins to the arsenal.


Design & Coding 100

Speed and Optimization 100

SEO 100

Support 100

Price 95

99/ 100

Performance optimized magazine style WordPress theme for those professionals who care about their site's speed, SEO and readability.


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