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Indepth SEOPressor Review and Why You Should Be Using this SEO Plugin

The only thing as complicated as navigating the minefield of available WordPress plugins is trying to manage an SEO campaign. You can read a hundred different articles that say search engine optimization is easy, effective, and has a high return, yet it can seem impossible to utilize fully. This is why there are entire firms of professional marketers who work one-on-one with big companies to handle their SEO needs.

But what if you’re not a big company? What if you are just a regular WordPress website owner who needs to optimize his/her site to drive more organic traffic? After all, just spending hours crafting informational content isn’t going to help you rank your website better on search engines. You definitely need to optimize your content if you wish to improve your readership.

That’s where WordPress SEO plugins come into play. There are a handful of extensions on the internet that are developed to make your on-page optimization strategies manageable by the average Joe.

Sure, learning more about it is going to make it easier, but you don’t need a degree in digital marketing to use them.

But the most crucial question is which one to choose as there are dozens of free as well as premium extensions, and almost all of them claim to be the best.

Well, in this review, I am going to introduce you to SEOpressor Connect and all its features.

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Honest SEOPressor Review

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The plugin was first launched back in 2012, and from the very start, it had to face stiff competition from the all-in-one and Yoast SEO plugin. But if you consider that the average lifespan of most plugins is less than three years, the fact that it’s still around today and better than ever is good news. A plugin doesn’t survive for more than eight years unless it has something unique and beneficial to offer its customers. In that time, this plugin has spread to power more than 23 million WordPress pages across 217 thousand unique websites.

What Can SEOPressor Do For You?

It is a premium on-site optimization add-on. This immediately sets it apart from those add-ons that claim to “do it all.” It might seem pointless to use this plugin when there are multi-faceted counterparts that handle on-site SEO in addition to other optimization techniques.

This is a prime example of the expression, “A Jack of all trades is a master of none.” SEOPressor is not a “Jack of all trades,” but it is undoubtedly a master of on-page optimization. It may not offer all of the bells and whistles as some other add-ons, but everything it does, it does better than its competition.

The on-page optimization features are broken down into five key categories. These categories are:

  1. Link management
  2. Crawler control
  3. Semantic builder
  4. SEO intelligence
  5. On-page analysis

Each of these categories performs straightforward tasks that are important for any website. For example, link management features help build and manage your site’s internal links. The crawler control will help you decide exactly how Google search spiders move throughout your site. And the on-page analysis features will help determine the strengths and weaknesses of any page.

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Complete On-page Analysis

seo score provided by seopressor

Advice and automation are two of the best features that a website owner could hope for. Automating trivial tasks can save dozens of hours of extra work during the month. And SEO-related advice could be the difference between success and failure. SEOpressor provides both of these features in its own unique way.

The advice comes in many different forms. For example, every post or page that you create is given a scorecard. Of course, this means that each page also has a score.

The entire site also has a score based on the values of these various scorecards. Each scorecard has a list of on-page factors, and the score is determined by whether or not those factors are correctly implemented.

Does a page have a proper H1 Tag that contains the keyword? Is there a keyword in the last sentence of your content? These are simple questions, but they are easy to overlook. This plugin takes away the potential for human error. You’ll see a check or an “X” by each on-page element that is required. You then fix each error with an “X,” and your score will increase.

There are some elements that the plugin can fix on its own. That’s where automation comes into play. One example of this is how the plugin will italicize and underline the keyword automatically. Google loves when keywords stand out from the rest of the text. It may only take a minute to underline and italicize keywords on a page, but all of those minutes really add up as your website grows.

Control Search Engine Crawlers

You get complete control over the visibility of your site. You can add robots tags like no-follow, no-index, no-archive, no-image index, no-snippet, no-translate, no-ODP, and no-dir tags to your whole site or individual posts and pages.

Additionally, you can even assign custom canonical URLs and can create multiple custom URL redirections.

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Powerful Internal Link Management

It’s an internal link builder feature of SEOpressor. With the help of this feature, you can add a list of keywords along with their target URL. Once you save your settings, this extension will then automatically scan all your posts and pages for those “entered” keywords and will add the assigned target URLs to each of them.

Furthermore, you get complete control over the links. You can define the relative tags like no-referrer, no-follow, etc. along with the target attribute.

Semantic builder

It’s one of the most powerful features of SEOPressor, using which you can instantly make your whole website schema friendly. Yes, you read it right.

You don’t need to write a single line of code. Just use the Schema option while editing your post, and then choose the schema type for your post. Then enter all the details in the provided fields and check your post’s validity using Google’s structured data testing tool.

Constant Developments And Updates

SEOpressor has changed significantly during the six years that it has been around. The scorecard mentioned above is an excellent example of this. Several years ago, it was merely a menu that listed your score and the various elements. You then had to find them and fix them manually. Today, you can click on the given error, and it will take you directly to the area or setting where you can set it.

This is just one example of how the developers are listening to their customers and improving their products. That’s the sort of service that you expect when you pay a monthly subscription fee to use a piece of software. You know that bugs will be fixed promptly and that new features are always around the corner.

Even the pricing of SEOPressor is an example of how the developers have listened and evolved. In the past, it was a flat rate price, and it was pretty high. The new monthly subscription model allows people to use the plugin as much as they like and stop paying when they don’t want it anymore. Subscription includes full updates for life.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s clear to see why this is regarded as the best plugin for on-site optimization. It has all of the best features, it works flawlessly, and it’s available as part of an affordable subscription model. It works on multiple domains, and the developers stay updated with the latest changes in SEO.

Customers have access to world-class support, and the product itself is continuously receiving new updates and bug fixes. Meanwhile, most competing SEO plugins come and go within the year.

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