Indepth Review Of Barta News and Magazine WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a news and magazine style WordPress theme, you might find Barta a suitable option for you. Barta is a well-reviewed, high-performance premium theme that you can purchase from themeforest marketplace. It offers a range of features that you might find well suited for your next web project.

A Comprehensive Review Of Barta – Should You Buy?

In this review, we will be going over some of the best things about this theme. I will also show you its mobile-friendly test result and will discuss whether or not you should purchase it.


When it comes to picking out the right theme, one of the main things that you should be concerned with is whether it follows the latest design trend. The second thing to look at is whether its HTML and CSS code is W3C validated or not. The good thing about Barta is that it is fully modern and designed to look and perform great for today’s standards.

Mobile Friendly

barta theme preview in smartphone and tablet

Another big factor that you should be concerned with whenever you are looking to pick a new theme would have to be mobile friendly design.

You want to find a template that is designed to offer optimal mobile responsiveness. After all, a majority of people are actively searching on their smartphones nowadays. Therefore, you want to appeal to this growing segment of your website traffic.

Without having an adaptive and responsive design, not only do you risk losing valuable mobile visitors, but you are also going to risk getting punished by the search engines. Search engines, especially Google is placing an increased emphasis on only ranking those site’s that have been properly optimized for smaller screen devices.

As you can see in the image above and below, Barta looks both professional and optimized on both smartphone and the tablet device.

test result

If you want to see the live test results then please visit this link.

Minimalistic Design

Nowadays, you want to have a template for your site that could offer you modern page layouts. Everyone will agree to the fact that classic sidebar with content is soo boring. So a page layout which looks modern would be great to keep your readers stick to your site. And a minimalistic design can be a super bonus point.

Guess what, Barta has all of that. It comes with an excellent minimalistic design that will make your site look as appealing as possible to the modern audience. Furthermore, the font combination (which can be changed ) is simply perfect.

Great Advertising Implementation

Another good thing about this particular WP template is the advertisement options that it offers. If you are going to be monetizing the website that you are making with advertising then you are going to want to have the right amount of direct advertising features. It comes with easy to use ads management panel using which you will be able to properly monetize your site.

The inbuilt control panel gives you access to various helpful features. With one single click, it lets you effectively import ads in no time. Additionally, it lets you to fully set up your ads in very little time as well. With the integrated ads blocks management, you can easily add various ads networks scripts to your site. I have tested it with Google Adsense, image banner, InfoLinks, and other networks and everyone worked just fine.

E-commerce Integration

Another great thing about this specific WP design is its compatibility with WooCommerce. This feature is surely going to make it much easier for you to be able to sell products and services on your blog.

product page of barta template

If you are looking to incorporate any kind of e-commerce then you want to have a template that is going to allow you to do so. Even if you are not looking at implementing any e-commerce at the moment, having a theme that offers the added versatility will position you in an excellent way to be able to grow your website.

Easy to customize

When it comes to choosing a WordPress theme, another big thing that you are likely going to be looking for is easy to use and configuration options.

When it comes to the Barta theme, you don’t need to have any sort of coding skills. You can either use the WP customizer or dedicated options panel to modify the design.

It is actually developed in a way that allows you to get the maximum value from it without any in-depth coding skills or design skills.

Overall, there is a lot to consider when it comes to picking out the right site design. This specific theme offers just about everything that you could want from a News and Magazine WordPress theme at a very affordable price point. For these reasons, it is absolutely a recommended purchase. After all, you are getting significant value for your money, an excellent design, and an extremely easy to implement theme that gives you multiple monetization opportunities along with it.

Important core features

  1. Compatibility with Elementor page builder plugin.
  2. You can perform basic styling via WordPress in0built customizer.
  3. Integrated support for the lazy load for images, iframes, and videos.
  4. Easy to translate with the help of WPML extension.
  5. Support for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Support and pricing

Barta is a premium magazine style theme and can be purchased from Themeforest. For a limited time developer has decided to sell it at a discounted price of $29 instead of $59 which is its original price.

As for the support, after you get a purchase license you will get 6 months of support via email or support forum from the developer. You also have the option to increase the support to 12 months if you choose to pay an additional $6.38.

Now, apart from 6 months of original support agreement, you will get lifetime free updates along with all future bug fixes and style based customizations.

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