preview of reco wordpress theme in dell monitor

Reco A Perfect Minimal WordPress Theme For Freebies – Review

preview of reco wordpress theme in dell monitor

Are you thinking about starting a site where you can give stuff away for free? More specifically, are you looking for a basic and straightforward platform to support your hobby? Seeing as not everyone will be in a position to give away freebies, there is more to Reco WordPress theme than meets the eye.

Reco a minimal theme for freebies

Design and developed by professional web developers at EstudioPatagon, Reco promises to help you achieve a 100% Google page speed score. Designed especially for freebies related websites, this template comes loaded with dozens of unique features.

To help you decide whether you should be investing in this minimalist theme, here is a look at all its essential features.

Super customizable design

First off, the Reco does allow a lot of flexibility regarding what your site virtually looks like. The combinations and setting you have at your disposal can quickly aid you in establishing a rather unique and welcoming interface for your readers.

To help you give your site a truly unique style, this WordPress template comes with five custom-built homepage designs. You can select any one of the designs and then can further modify their styling with the help of customizer.

It comes with 3 custom-built page templates named “featured”, “full-width” and “classic”. You can choose any of these single post layouts while publishing any new content on your site. To help you further beautify your blog, this template comes with nine custom widgets, including Flickr, recent post with thumbnail, ads, and custom twitter widget.

So, you shouldn’t have any doubts about whether you can make the site look more in line with your ideas and goals.

100% mobile responsive design

Nowadays, it is crucial for any website to be responsive to different devices. But not only should they be responsive, but they should also do an excellent job of adapting various device-specific micro-interactions. No one wants any of the readers to have less than a great time while on their site, regardless of the device the reader is using.

With the Reco theme, you can rest assured as it easily adapts to all platforms, web browsers, and devices. Whether you are generating traffic from mobile devices or laptops, everyone is going to enjoy the experience while browsing your website.

Optimized for performance and speed

Another significant element about the Reco theme is the SEO orientated design. In other words, it really is a minimalist approach to your typical website. But sometimes these are precisely what you need to get your message through, and Reco does exactly this. In order to help you get better page speed scores, it comes with minified and optimized CSS and JS code. Furthermore, it also implements various techniques to further boost your site’s performance.

I have tested this theme on the Pingdom speed test tool in order to check its claim, and as you can see in the image attached below, Reco indeed loads within 2 seconds. Actually, in our test, it loaded under 0.7 seconds.

I also tested it with Google PageSpeed Insights, and it scored 95/100 under the mobile performance test. Please see the image attached below.

speed test on mobile devices using pagespeed insight

Furthermore, it scored 100/100 under the desktop performance test.

desktop performance test using pagespeed insight

When you look at many professional custom designs, you will notice how they have toned back. They are scaling back on what is potentially distracting users from why they visited the site in the first place, providing a less overwhelming experience.

At the same time, with less going on, the site will load much quicker. This is important for search engine optimization purposes, but also for user-engagement. Users like it when they can quickly navigate between pages.

Easy to use administration panel

As you can imagine, the theme is incredibly easy to install and use. Within a short while, you should be posting your first freebie project or establishing a marketing strategy.

With one click, this WordPress-friendly theme is loaded onto your dashboard and installed. From there, you just follow the basic design functions at your disposal. Every possible customization can be made to this template using the in-built customizer in WordPress. Then, install the plugins you want and start giving away free stuff.

Can be used on other niche-oriented sites

The reason why this theme is geared towards website owners interested in giving away freebies isn’t really clear. But you can definitely use it on any other niche based website.

Seeing as it is a minimalist designed template, it could work perfectly well with any photography or visually related niches.

The user ratings and support

So far, the user ratings for this WordPress design are pretty positive, and it’s one of the trending items at ThemeForest marketplace. As of now, it has received a 5/5 star rating based on 30 reviews. So basically, every review is 100% positive, and users have not faced a single issue with it.

As for the support, you are entitled to 6 months of customer support from the developer along with lifetime free updates. You can request support after you have created a ticket on an official support forum, but remember that the forum is accessible only after you enter the purchase code.

Should you purchase this theme?

The best way to answer this question is to look at your specific goals. Keeping in mind that you will be spending money, albeit not much, you want to be sure you’re not buying a theme you can’t really utilize.

But when you look at the basics, the Reco theme seems to cover it over. The design is responsive and quick, it’s easy to navigate for users and website owners alike, there’s a lot of visual flexibility, and it gets the message across.

However, if you plan on developing and evolving your site towards more complex interactions, this might not be the right theme for you.

At the very least, the theme adheres to all the basics a good design should. It even takes into account visibility factors and what search engines are looking for.

And when it comes down to it, the theme makes a good first impression. Thanks to the speed and simplicity, users won’t mind spending more time browsing around, which is exactly what you need.

So, if your goals are in line with the Reco theme, there is no reason it can’t work for you.

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