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MagPlus Review – Why Its So Popular Magazine WordPress Theme

WordPress is arguably the most advanced blogging platform and content management system available to marketers, businesses, and webmasters today. Capable of delivering a high-quality, engaging experience, WordPress empowers users to create, publish, manage, and promote their content online with ease.

However, with such versatility comes a learning curve, and those looking for a simple, straightforward website designing (or personalization) experience may be disappointed. Fortunately, there is an answer to this problem: MagPlus WordPress magazine theme. With a clean, minimal design and a straightforward setup, this WordPress magazine theme makes it easy for users to create high-quality websites with the functionality they need.

In this review, we’ll take a look at what this theme has to offer and how it can help you build an engaging website.

Important features that make the MagPlus WordPress magazine theme the ultimate choice for your next website.

  1. Inbuilt support for Google’s accelerated mobile page, Google Analytics, AMP pages loads almost five times faster on mobile devices.
  2. It helps to make your website comply with GDPR rules and regulations.
  3. It comes with an inbuilt custom cache mechanism that helps to accelerate your site’s speed by almost 2.4 times.
  4. They were designed and developed considering the best SEO practices and is compatible with most SEO plugins including Yoast, SEOPressor, RankMath, etc.
  5. It has more than 160 different modules and elements. You can add these modules to any section of your website using drag and drop functionality.
  6. You get lifetime free updates.
  7. 100% translation-ready and integrated support for WPML extension.

These are just a few important features of this theme. Below I have discussed some other essential characteristics in detail.

MagPlus WordPress Magazine Theme Review

indepth review of magplus wordpress magazine theme

In the following sections, I am going to review MagPlus. I am going to focus on three essential characteristics, and accordingly, I will give ratings to this template.

The three essential characteristics are as follows:

  1. Design
  2. Speed
  3. Search engine optimization

Design Features of MagPlus WordPress Magazine Theme

MagPlus is a powerful WordPress theme for magazines, newspapers, and other content-rich websites. With a focus on visual storytelling, MagPlus offers a clean, modern, and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create an engaging online magazine.

The theme is built with the latest web technologies and adheres to international web standards. It also provides advanced functionality like a responsive grid system, extensive typography options, social sharing tools, a working contact form, and much more. To help you better understand its features, below, we will break down MagPlus’s many design features:

Website Styles

MagPlus comes with 40+ inbuilt custom templates for the benefit of its users. All these 40+ custom designs or, better say, website styles are utterly unique in them. Each of them is meant for a specific niche-based website.

For example, if you plan to start a technology review site, you can choose anyone in the review, tech, or magazine style.

Similarly, if you plan to create a fashion or pop culture-related website, you might consider using music, lifestyle, or entertainment style.

Let’s say you want to start a personal blogging site. You want to create an online space where you would like to share your thoughts, daily life activities, et cetera with your readers. In that case, you might like to consider the writer, clean, or podcast as your website’s style.

Article Layouts

To help you make your website even more appealing to your readers, MagPlus offers 25+ custom-designed article layouts.

Some of the most popular and attractive layouts are:

  1. Post title below the full-width featured image.
  2. Post title above featured image.
  3. YouTube playlist, along with the content and the title.
  4. The quiz layout includes the title along with the quiz below it.
  5. Audio, review, gallery, video, and quotes are important post-format-related layouts.

Similarly, there are dozens of other types of styles that you can use for your content. You just need to focus on your content and your readers and let MagPlus handle the rest.


Just think of the style you want for your header, and this template has it. This magazine-style WordPress theme comes with WordPress custom and uniquely designed headers.

Choose any style, and then you can change its color, icons, navigation links, etc. Furthermore, you can even add advertisements, for example, Google AdSense or custom banners. You can even enable search bars and social media icons for better connectivity with your readers.


There are 26 different types of sliders supported by this theme. Just choose the type of content slider you want to add, and it will automatically populate it with appropriate content.

Note: Although you can add sliders anywhere on your website, they are mainly designed to be placed below the header section.


You get access to 20+ exclusively built custom widgets to take your going sidebar to a completely next level.

This template also comes with a beautifully designed next and the previous article navigation system. Furthermore, it allows you to do advertisements within your content with the help of shortcodes.

A few of the important widgets which come along with MagPlus are:

  • Tabbed Trending and popular post widget.
  • Grid-based recent post.
  • Popular post along with featured content.
  • Instagram, YouTube, gallery, etc.

Content blocks

With the help of the drag-and-drop builder, you can choose from 80 different content blocks and add them to almost any section of your website.

These uniquely designed modules or blocks are meant to give your website a unique feel as they are dynamic and automatically populated with appropriate content.

Obviously, you get complete control over the styling and the contents. You can change the background style, font size, font family, thumbnail size, etc.


Just like all the other parts of your website, you are in full control of the footer area. Choose from 10+ custom-built single-column or multi-column footer designs and then add appropriate widgets to them.

Speed of MagPlus WordPress Magazine Theme

Below I have attached a screenshot in which you can see the test results.

speed test result of magplus

MagPlus comes with its own custom-built cache mechanism. According to the official statement, The inbuilt cache system helps to improve the overall page load time by almost 2.4 times.

This template is also a hundred percent compatible with all sorts of WordPress cache plugins, including W3 Total, WP Rocket, etc., in case you don’t want to use the inbuilt system.

In order to test the performance of this scheme are installed it on one of my test servers and imported one of its most dynamic website layouts called “MagazinePro.” I must admit the results were surprisingly impressive.

Note: The website speed test was performed using

Before performing the test, I had to warm up the inbuilt cache system. So, I visited my test site multiple times on the Incognito window of the Google Chrome web browser.

Download & Test Drive

The test location was New York City, and the complete load time was 1.02 seconds. The total page size was 1.6 MB, and the site made 98 requests to load all of its assets. Thus, this theme’s performance grade was 99/100 ( which means grade A ).

Inbuilt support for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

MagPlus is designed and optimized for AMP. So if Google sources your AMP pages Or articles on its search result, you can stay as your website will continue to look beautiful and responsive.

Search Engine Optimization

No matter how hard you try and how much time you spend creating in-depth content, your articles and reviews will never rank on search result pages unless your site is optimized for search engines.

The overall on-page SEO mainly depends on how much your theme is optimized. No matter if you are using a free or premium WordPress theme, if it’s not coded considering the latest issue standards and proper HTML markup, your content will never reach the top of search result pages.

So to make sure that your content receives the organic traffic that it deserves, MagPlus is coded considering the best SEO practices.

It comes with built-in support for schema markup and review systems and generates a hundred percent valid HTML codes.

Support And Updates

Once you purchase the theme, you are entitled to one year of customer support, but you get lifetime free updates. If you have questions or want support related to this template’s functionality, just move to the official support forum and ask the question. The response time is usually within 24 hours, and the support will do their best to fix your issues.


You get lifetime access to 6+ premium extensions for free of cost once you purchase this template. Their price alone extends the cost of MagPlus. These six plugins come bundled and can be installed to further extend the customizability and functionality of this theme.

Some of the important extensions are listed below:

  1. Yello pencil pro.
  2. Viral Quiz generator.
  3. Social jumbo pack.
  4. Visual composer drag and drop page builder.

Visit the official page for more details.


With the MagPlus WordPress magazine theme, the possibility is limitless. Give you a hundred percent while creating any content for your website readers/visitors, and leave the rest to this template.

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