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Gravity Forms Review 2022: Why This is a Best Contact Form Plugin

It’s 2022, and online businesses are getting more competitive, and so are the blogs and online spaces that thrive on visitor engagement. To make sure that your online business reaches out effectively to your visitors and potential customers, you need the best contact form plugin for your WordPress website or blog.

Gravity Forms is one such WordPress form plugin that is designed to do just that, to help you maximize visitor engagement — help them reach out to you quickly, and vice versa.

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Why use a WordPress form plugin

If you are still unsure as to why do you even need a contact form plugin for your website or blog, then you should, perhaps, step into the shoes of the visitor.

It does not matter if you have a small blog or a big corporate website; if your visitors do not find an effective way to reach out to your with their needs or opinions, then your online presence may not fare well when it comes to user engagement and conversion. Besides, a website needs more than just a regular contact form.

Depending on the type of service or content you cater to your audience, you would need various ways of engaging with them — surveys, content submissions, collecting user feedback, and bookings, to name but a few.

Gravity Form plugin for WordPress has been designed and engineered through the years for just these needs. It is an effortlessly easy-to-use WordPress plugin, which can help you create any web form — easy or complicated — with a few simple clicks.

Due to the great support and user-friendliness it offers, Gravity Forms has become a popular option for several online businesses, and it is widely regarded as the best contact form plugin for WordPress.

Ever since its release, Gravity Forms has seen increased competition from other WordPress contact plugins. Nonetheless, it has steadily adapted to the needs of its users by actively listening to feedback to maintain a feature-rich product that does an excellent job with empowering numerous websites and blogs on the internet.

By the end of the 2019 review of the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin, you will help a better understanding of why this can be the best contact form plugin for your blog or website.

Before we get into the user experience of Gravity Forms, let us quickly have a look at the features it provides.

Gravity Forms Plugin Features

Gravity Forms comes with several out of the box features suitable for those who want to have more than just a simple contact form with name, email, subject, and message body fields.

Here are some of the features of Gravity Forms that help you make the user experience more friendly for your visitors.

More than 30 ready-to-use form fields: Gravity Forms has to support for a wide variety of form fields at the tip of your fingers. With an easy-to-use form editor, you can choose any input field you want to have for your visitors which makes data collection a walk in the park.

Email notifications

Want to know when a form has been submitted? Gravity forms provide you with timely email updates whenever a form has been submitted. Thus, it becomes much easier to keep track of all the leads that your contact forms generate.

File uploads

Some forms require users do submit files, photos, and other documents. Gravity Forms comes with support for file uploads. You can add the upload fields to your forms to enable your users to upload files and media online securely.

Save and continue feature

Some forms take time to submit, and the process might be tedious — for example, a job application form that has several user fields. To make sure that your visitors do not feel lost or tired in the process, they get the option to save the form so that they can return to it and fill it up later. No user data is lost in this process.

Conditional logic

One of the best features of Gravity Forms plugin for WordPress is its ability to modify the form based on user inputs. It can help you enable advanced routing features for your users to make sure that their messages are diverted to the right team member and not just get clustered in the same inbox.

Limiting form submissions

Gravity Forms comes with form submission windows that open and shut at the time of your choice. This way, it becomes much easier to control when and how you want to capture data and inputs from your users.

Spam filter

Websites are often a target for spam and junk messages. Gravity Forms comes with advanced spam-fighting features powered by Good reCaptcha, Really Simple Captcha, and Akismet options to make sure that your inbox is not cluttered by unwanted spam and marketing emails.

Responsive design

A large section of the traffic for blogs and websites comes from mobile devices. Gravity Forms comes with a responsive design that displays your website well on mobile devices while not compromising on the features.

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